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April 2014

I’m Deb. I live in Brooklyn the Bronx (hasta, Brooklyn) with my husband, Rayne. We share our little house with our son, Henry

February 2012

and our neurotic Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Hudson.

August 2010
Urban Moo Cow is a place for thoughtful analysis of modern parenting ~ with a side of humor.

Origin of a Nickname

Once, in the sleepless days of Henry’s first few weeks, I caught Rayne beaming at us while I was nursing. 

"What?" I asked. 

"Nothing," he said with a smile.

I supposed he was simply happy that the whole, fraught nursing thing was working out for me. I think he was also fascinated that I was making food for our child. In my boobs.

"You are a very good Moo Cow," he added, kissing me on the head.

Rather than be offended, I embraced the moniker, and a nickname was thus born.

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The Brilliant Book Club

In September 2013, I co-founded The Brilliant Book Club: Illuminating Reads for Parents, an online book club. This is the post that explains it all: Introducing the Brilliant Book Club. Or you can dive right in.

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Other Writing

In addition to being a highly successful Moo Cow, I am a freelance writer specializing in parenting, health/wellness and lifestyle content. Check out my other writing.

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I rarely do reviews, but when I do, the opinions are -- and always will be -- my own.

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