Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Who Else Would I Be Wearing?

It’s Award Season! Today we are combining the #365FeministSelfie with Award Season. The #365FeministSelfie is all about showing women as they are, no filter, no primping, no perfection, and perhaps no makeup. Pretty much the complete opposite of the Award Season Red Carpet drama-rama. So we’re asking you, everyday mama,

Who are YOU wearing?

As for the Moo Cow, I think the real question is: who else would I be wearing??

We really wanna know, #WhoAreYOUWearingMom? Tweet it, share it on Instagram, or, if you're a blogger, link up your own post -- feel free to copy the graphic at the top of this post. The linkup will be open until Sunday night. This Award Season, let's celebrate real mom fashion!