Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Artist Formerly Known as Henry Does Not Do Santa Photos

Last year I congratulated myself on what a perfect little monkey I had. He sat on Santa's lap so nicely! He didn't cry at all! He was the sweetest little man in all of Little Man-dom!

Well, apparently, the Artist Formerly Known as Henry* does not do Santa photos any longer. 

He employed a few different tactics to register his displeasure: 1) The squirm; 2) The grip-daddy; 3) The ignore; and 4) The loud-whine. Notice these tactics in the following four photos. You can see that Santa has had enough by the last photo:

Today I am at Mamalode sharing the wisdom that it is all parents' duty to sacrifice their children at the altar of the Santa Photo. Click here to see photos of sweet Henry last year and find out what that perfect first Santa picture cost me.... 

* These days, the artist goes by the name "Henry-Please." As in, Henry, please don't hit the dog. Henry, please don't touch the oven. Henry, please come here. Henry, please help mama to put your shoes on. Henry, please don't bite mama's shoulder. Henry, please eat your dinner. Henry, please....