Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: The Unfathomable

RIP, Lucian Merryweather, 2004-2013

Fort Greene Car Crash Kills 9-Year-Old-Boy, Injures Three Others, Huffington Post

Driver Charged With Negligent Homicide in Death of Boy, 9, New York Times

Police arrest driver in fatal Fort Greene accident, New York Post

Monday, November 4, 2013

Sorry to Inconvenience You with My Stairwell Navigation

A few weeks ago I took Henry to Manhattan for Italian "preschool," which he attends every Friday morning. We don't travel with the stroller or carrier anymore; now he can walk.

We arrived at the end of our journey to the staircase of the 14th Street and 6th Avenue F train station -- a large subway stop, with relatively wide stairwells -- and started climbing. I hugged the wall to make room for the stragglers who had yet to make it to work at 9 am. Henry was slow: left foot up, right foot meets it; left foot up, right foot meets it. He gripped my hand tightly as we made our way up the stairs.


"Walk your kid up the stairs! Jesus!"

A man's voice, loud, with all the exasperated vitriol he could muster.