Thursday, October 31, 2013

Han Solo Went to Oktoberfest and All I Got Were These Expensive Lederhosen

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Rayne and I were newlyweds sans human children. (We had a dog.) Rayne went to Munich for Oktoberfest that year and came home with real lederhosen. Brown leather pants, the suspenders, the hat, the whole shebang.

The conversation, I believe, went something like this:

Me: What the...?
R: They're real lederhosen!
Me: I see that.
R: I didn't buy the shoes, though.
Me: Well, good for you.

A week or so later, I was perusing our credit card bill.

Me: Honey? What is this charge for $494.32?
R: Oh, those are the lederhosen. I told you about that.
R: I didn't buy the shoes!

You see, when we got married, we pooled our financial resources and agreed that we would speak to the other if we wanted to buy anything that cost more than $500. So he didn't buy the shoes.


I proclaimed then and there that my dear life partner would wear those lederhosen on every Halloween or other occasion requiring a costume FOREVER IN PERPETUITY in order to amortize the cost over his lifetime.

And so four years later, I present you Halloween 2013: Yoda with his minions, Princess Leia and Han Solo (or should we call him Hans?), who apparently just returned from Munich.

Moral of the story: Don't mess with the Moo Cow.

ps - Why didn't anyone ever tell me that doing Halloween with a toddler is like entering a war zone? I'm scarred for life.

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