Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Guest Post: Why I Am Ungrateful For Pink, Plastic and Princesses

The BlogHer13 conference reminded me of something I wrote about in 5 Things I Learned In My First Year of Blogging: the most important and interesting aspect of blogging are the relationships one develops. It was fantastic to meet some of my favorite bloggers in real life, but most of them live far away.

Luckily for me, my soul mate bloggy friend lives in New York, too. She definitely deserves credit for preventing from my quitting this blogging experiment entirely.

That's why I'm thrilled to be hosting the smart and insightful Rachel of The Tao of Poop for a funny and painfully true piece about the ridiculous gifts our children often receive from family members.


Disney Princesses
Photo Credit: Tao of Poop
Pink, princesses and a plethora of plastic pieces. We specifically said "No presents" on the invitation to our daughter's second birthday party. This part of the invitation was universally ignored. 

Am I looking a gift horse in the mouth? Probably. 

Do I need a place to vent about it anyway? Yes. 

Does that place need to be somewhere that said friends and family can't partake of my heroic level of ingratitude? Of course; that's why I'm here! Deb has graciously agreed to allow me to use Urban Moo Cow as a confessional of sorts. Behold my confession….


I don't have a problem with pink. Right now, Claire doesn't associate colors with cultural constructs anyway. She has no idea that pink means girly-girl in our society. Indeed, someday she may just be one of those girly-girls, and her choice would be fine by me. If she decides that pink is her favorite color, I will go out and buy her a pink pony, dammit (well, we don't really have the money, but you get the point). I would like for her to have the opportunity to decide for herself what her favorite color is though. Until then…folks, there are many other colors in the rainbow! How about some variety? Brown seems to be the underdog here. I've always liked the underdog. I'm rooting for brown.


The pretty picture above pretty much spells out the problem that I have with princesses. But you know that I have more to say. Pretty much ditto all of #1. Except, unlike the color pink, these princesses need to go the way of Amos and Andy. Someday, my daughter's prince might come. Or her princess. Or maybe, she'll be CEO first. I want to leave all options open. And given the fact that Disney is everywhere, she will have the opportunity to be exposed to the Cinderella myth with or without my influence. I'm going to go with "without".


From the get go, plastic manufacturing is not the biggest friend of the environment. Then, there's the strong likelihood that a majority of these shiny, happy pieces will end up in a landfill or swirling around in the middle of the ocean somewhere. Not the world I want my daughter to inherit. And, in terms of my immediate environment, I could do without tiny, hard plastic wedged into the middle of the tender part of the arch of my foot in the wee hours of the dark night.

I'm ready for the backlash for my ingratitude and for number two, in particular. I know princesses are a divisive topic. That's actually not the reason I chose to go incognito in this post. I did it mainly because I want my family members to continue to come to Claire's birthday parties. Next year, they can leave the presents at home.

Rachel is the blogger behind The Tao of Poop. Her OB told her she was a “geriatric pregnancy.” Now, she feels lucky to have a healthy daughter, who has no idea she's old. The Tao of Poop explores the ups and downs of parenthood, including attachment parenting, breastfeeding, marriage, parenting philosophies, babies development and its ever-changing, complicated mix.

Do you agree or disagree with Rachel? What crazy gifts has your child received?