Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Greatest Gift

Today I am over at Kristi's Finding Ninee with a guest post for her Our Land series. The series started with Kristi's poignant and beautiful post called The Land of Empathy and Wonder, in which she describes the world she wishes existed for her maybe-on-the-spectrum-maybe-not young son.

The only thing important in my imagined land is a person’s heart. And his empathy. And his ability to find wonder. To find joy in blowing bubbles on a breezy spring day rather than worrying about a job, a disease, a bill, a blog…

Amazing, right?

Kristi is a lovely, genuine -- and funny! -- writer. (She also draws a mean cartoon.) She is one of those people whom everyone considers "her best friend." It has been my pleasure getting to know her in this crazy blogging world. When she asked me to contribute to her series, I said yes immediately, without having a clue about what I would write.

A post idea came to me, though, when I started thinking about a friend of mine and her struggle with body image.

Click here to read "The Greatest Gift," what my land of empathy and wonder looks like.