Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Problem With Sleeping

Now that I'm "working," Fridays have returned to their earlier meaning: end of the week. Frankly, by Friday, I am ex-haus-ted and beyond grateful that Henry and I have nothing scheduled.

This past Friday I was particularly tired. Besides working, I'd also spent EIGHT-AND-A-HALF HOURS commuting. Last Tuesday was National Fender Bender Day. Did you know that? Neither did I, but everyone else seemed to have gotten the memo.

As Rayne was getting ready to leave for work, I put Henry in the Baby Fun Zone, site of March's Pooptastrophe. Although he clearly did not like the earlier rebranding exercise, these days if you distract him for a few minutes, he will happily play on his own for at least a half hour.

And then I went back to sleep. Mama needs her beauty rest, you feel me?

At one point I dreamed that Henry was right next to me babbling in my face. The next moment I woke to him slamming the bedroom door. My train of thought went approximately like this:

What the...? Is he out? Is Rayne still here? What time is it? Why is he banging on the door and crying?

I got up to open the door. The apartment was a disaster. Clothing, laundry, toys and books were scattered everywhere.

Oh, man! Why did Rayne take him out of Baby Fun Zone? How could he just leave him in the apartment like that while I was sleeping? 

My anger gathered momentum as I picked up the remnants of Henry's free-for-all.

I bet Henry was crying so he just took him out before he left. Ridiculous.

Later that day, I saw what had actually happened:

Henry the Hulk's handiwork.

It's hard to see, but he actually broke the wood dowel in half. Raaahhhrrrr!

Later I saw him slipping in and out of Baby Fun Zone without missing a beat. And that night, I noticed two small scrapes along his lower back where the broken dowel had scratched him. Prison tats, if you will.

The convict is getting smarter. And stronger. Lucky me.

Oh, and sorry for doubting you, honey {sheepish smile}. I love you!