Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Difference Between Messy and Dirty

This week I am appearing on the Messy Moms Radio Show as the Messiest Mom of the Week.

I fully admit that I am a messy, messy person, never mind mom. I am the queen of piles. Piles of shoes. Piles of papers. Piles of mail. Piles of laundry. Piles of drinking glasses taking up all the space on my nightstand.

It drives Rayne batty.

Rayne likes to keep things organized. On Saturday mornings, he runs around the apartment putting things "away." I try to stay in bed during this ordeal, lest I be caught up in the organizing mania.

Don't get me wrong. I like a neat apartment, but I'm just too lazy. I know where everything is, and I'm fine with the piles (for the most part). I'd rather spend my time writing. (Or doing nearly anything else in the world.)

What I can't stand is dirty. Dirty dishes, dirty bathroom, dirty floors. I never take a bath because I don't believe it could ever be clean enough. (Yes, I shower.) When I lived with my sister in 2004 I would Swiffer constantly to rid the apartment of our long strands of hair. I would Swiffer over her feet when she was watching television.

Before Rayne and I moved in together, he lived in a squalid, mosquito-infested fifth-floor walk-up apartment in Brooklyn with broken windows and a super whom he tipped with a bottle of vodka. It wasn't a nice apartment, and he was a bachelor. I understand these attributes don't lend themselves to a clean and tidy living space. But the apartment did not have to be as disgusting as it was.

After a couple of months of trying to shower without touching my body to any surface in the bathroom, I went to Target, bought a whole bunch of cleaning supplies and a pair of thick rubber gloves and scrubbed that damn bathroom until I ached.

I don't like dirty.

Since becoming a mom, I have been even more attuned to dirt and germs. The transformation has not, however, spilled over into neatness. In fact, I'm messier than ever. Now the piles include baby clothing, baby books, baby sippy cups and baby food. Oops.

Guess what, though? Being messy does not detract from my supermom-ness. I still get up every morning and give Henry oatmeal and clean his face. I still cart him around the city to his various classes. I still make his food and clean his bum and sing him lullabies before he goes to sleep.

If I'm the Messiest Mom, so be it. At least I'm clean.

Why yes, that is the desk I wrote this post on just now.

Messy Moms Radio
At Messy Moms Radio, the motto is "Good Moms have sticky floors, messy kitchens, laundry piles, dirty ovens and happy kids." Tune in Thursday morning at 10 a.m. EST to hear my interview as the Messiest Mom of the Week. This week's topic is sibling rivalry. In the meantime, check out their radio show archives and blog, where you can nominate yourself or someone you know as the Messiest Mom of the Week.