Wednesday, January 9, 2013

7 Fun Games to Play With Milk

In honor of absolutely no occasion whatsoever, Henry would like to offer all the other babies and tots following along some games to play while getting your bottle or sippy cup of milk before bed.

1. Take a mouthful of milk and then just open your mouth and see what happens. Giggle.

2. Shake your head repeatedly while laughing maniacally so your Moo Cow can't get the spout in your mouth. Giggle.

3. Throw the sippy cup or bottle on the floor. Scream.

4. Use your bat reflexes and octopus appendages to block the spout from entering your mouth. Scream.

4. Use your fingers to play with the nipple or spout. Giggle.

5. Bite and chew on the nipple or spout. Giggle.

6. Gargle milk and then blow bubbles, spraying it everywhere. Giggle.

7. Use your Moo Cow's nose as a handle to shake her head 'yes' and 'no' over and over. Giggle.

God I hate the smell of milk.

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