Saturday, September 8, 2012

I'm Getting a Droid Razr Maxx

I know I said I wasn't going to post until the site was completely finished, but this is just too much.

This morning we all (baby included) overslept until 8 am. We missed meeting with the team for our long run but figured we would at least show up at the end to say hi, and then run on our own.

As we found a parking spot, it began to drizzle.

As we met our team in the park, it began to rain.

As we put the rain cover on the jogging stroller, it began to pour. Torrents and buckets.

Rayne and I decided to tough it out -- a little rain never hurt anyone. We lasted five minutes. It was coming down so hard from all directions I felt like I was going to get swimmers' ear.

I later found out from Gothamist that a tornado had actually touched down in Brooklyn around that time.

On our way back to the car, we stopped to consider our options under an awning. When were we going to get this run in? Should we wait out the storm?

If you look closely you can see Baby Henry's sad face.

Henry, who had been screaming almost non-stop since we put the rain cover on the stroller, began to shriek. (What, the sound of pouring rain doesn't remind you of your Sleep Sheep? You should be blissfully asleep, Baby Henry. Sheesh.) Ok, so we'd run tomorrow.

Rayne went to get the car while I tried to console my poor little boy with a hand placed strategically into the stroller so as not to get him wet. (It turns out he was already drenched, despite the stroller cover. Could explain some of the monkey noises.)

I finally got Henry down to sleep, little thumb in little mouth. Not two minutes later, a truck from the NYC Parks Department concluded that the person in front of him had not stepped on the gas fast enough once the light turned green. He honked ferociously. And Baby Henry screeched.


We transferred everyone and everything to the car. Hudson had actually slobbered all over the back seat on our trip to the Berkshires, so I cleaned it with my big soaking butt while simultaneously soothing Henry. Multi-tasking! Rayne's wet phone spontaneously and irritatingly rebooted every three minutes: Drooiiiidddd.

A half hour after returning home, the sun was out. It didn't rain again until 6 pm.

Oh, and, apparently, my phone drowned. When Rayne took it out of the stroller and opened the back, water poured out. Ooopsie.

I think there are two ways to look at this story. 1) $@%*&! or 2) Woo-hoo, I'm getting a new phone!

I'm going with #2.

I mean, COME ON.
[Update 9/11/12: I'm totally NOT getting a Droid Razr Maxx, because I'm totally NOT spending $650 on a phone right now. I guess it's back to my old CrapBerry for awhile.]