Saturday, July 7, 2012

Guest Post: Complimentary Birth Control

[Ed. note: This is a guest bomb post from my friend, Carissa. Note to Carissa: Thank you! Note to self: Brush hair.]

I first met Mommy Moo Cow in 2006 when I was lucky enough to be assigned to her mentor group as a participant with Team In Training for the Country Music Marathon. She wasn't the blogger she is now back then, but if she was, I'd guess her handle would have been Mentor Power Gel.  (Is it just me, or do these names sound like Native American chiefs?)

MPG (MMC's predecessor) was the best mentor you can imagine and I've always looked up to her. Educated, successful, motivated -- things I wanted to emulate. Career-minded, good at yoga, owner of a Community Supported Agriculture share -- things I would probably never get around to being. Multiple times when I have found myself "in transition" in New York City, she has graciously opened her home. When I met her, MPG was in a new relationship with Rayne, whom I had already met through my work at TNT, and when I found out they were an item, it was sheer joy. MPG and Rayne got engaged the same summer as my husband and I and married just a few months before. Everything was going swimmingly in my quest to emulate all that was BMMC (Before Mommy Moo Cow).

And then she got pregnant.

I only saw Pregnant MPG (PMPG) once. We met for lunch last August or so at a thin crust pizza place in Manhattan. She was glowing, nesting, avoiding hand dryers in bathrooms for fear of bacteria, all things you expect from a mom-to-be. I started to think to myself...I could do this! I can be just like PMPG!

Well, good thing I didn't get ahead of myself there because fast-forward to early January 2012. Henry is 1 month old. MMC (formerly known as PMPG), Rayne, Hudson and Henry are still occupying their gorgeous (even if it was close to the East River Drive and smoke-infested) Upper East Side apartment, and I decided to pop over to meet the baby during a precious few minutes I had between work and dinner.

I came bearing gifts. SmartWool socks for the little one and a cupcake for mom. It looked like a bomb had gone off in there. A baby bomb. A diaper bomb. A brush bomb (clearly MMC had not located hers in about a week). It was, at first, horrifying. A type of birth control, even :) But most of all, I could see the explosion of love that had gone off in the life of MMC. I tried to engage her in conversation about the little one, but all she kept muttering to him was something about being a moo-cow. I chalked it up to the momentary insanity that comes with being a mother in the first month of her child’s life.

Little did I know, MMC was actually still pregnant. Not with a new life, but with an idea. And 5 months later, a blog was born.