Thursday, June 21, 2012

I Can't Find My Phone

Used with permission of Microsoft.
If I had to name the one phrase that I've said most often in the last six months, it's "I can't find my phone." You'd think it would be, "Please go to sleep," or "He pooped on me again," or "Ouch, you're hurting mommy's boob."

All of these phrases are strong contenders, but they do not take the cake. Because I lose my cell phone at least seven times a day. Like right now, I can't find it. And I want to go to bed, but I also want to have a fully charged phone tomorrow morning. I think need one of those binky straps that attaches to Henry's stroller belt.

When did I become so scatter-brained? I mean, I live in a two-bedroom apartment, and one of the "rooms" is a windowless mini-cave where my son sleeps. How does the phone keep eluding me? I even lost my phone while I was on the phone with my sister recently. True story. I was like - Barb, wait, I can't find my phone. And then I was like - Oh, I'm holding it to my ear. I'm d-u-m.

Sometimes I get agitated when I can't find it, and Rayne has to force me to sit down so he can go find it himself, usually by calling it or by looking in some absurd location, like attached to its charger "where it belongs." Where it belongs! Ha! I scoff at such a concept. My home is as scattered as my brain.

Oh, I just thought of where it might be.

Found it! Under a pile of random papers and Henry's coat on the kitchen table. Obviously. Good night.